Glue Sticks and Crayons…

Pockets filled with forgotten treasures…

Today I reached into my pockets and found a glue stick and the lid for another now dried out glue stick. We were making a puzzle of the statue of liberty to learn about “symbols” and what they mean. We were using the glue to affix the finished puzzles to poster board to hang up. Out of the blue, of the kids launched a glue stick at me and I caught it and put it in my pocket quickly so I could grab him as he tried to scamper off to raid the toy box.

Last week I came home with a small card labelled “clothes” with a cartoon of a pair of pants and a yellow long sleeved shirt on it. I was teaching the kids about the proper clothing for the different seasons and we were using the cards to play a match game. I was ordered by one of the children that this card was inappropriate because it had two different items of clothing on it, and thus could not be categorized, so I hid it in my short pocket.

That same day I had a picture dropped on my head by one of the young girls in my class. It was a giant, tall stick figure wearing a shirt like the one I wore the day before. I came home and my wife tried to put it up on the fridge (as is law when working with small kids, their art goes on your fridge), but we had forgotten that our refrigerator door was not magnetic. I now have that picture stored behind glass in one of our bookcases.

My first day on the job I brought home a green crayon. It was squeaking and the children were all screaming because the squeaking hurt their ears. When the kids were not looking that crayon had “magically” disappeared, into the pocket of my jeans.

Apparently I am going to either need to remember to empty my pockets before I leave work or else I need a coffee can at my desk at home to collect my bounty. For reasons of pure sentimentality and regard for these kids and what I am doing at this point in my life, I think I will go with the coffee tin…

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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